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Chris Isaak – Wicked Game 1990

Lynch directed in 1990 a music video for Chris Isaak's song "Wicked Game" that was featured in "Wild At Heart". There exists a second one directed by Herb Ritts in 1991. Lynch's video is the one mixing footage of Isaak and his band playing with footage from the film.
cinematography by Frederick Elmes.

Question: Why did you delete the lyrics in the film [Wild at Heart]?

David Lynch: "The lyrics, Chris, they're really super. But it's hard to use lyrics in a film cause they fight against the dialogue."

Question: What attracts you to Isaak's music?

David Lynch: "It's very soulful."

(taken from a TV report on Chris Isaak in 1990)

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Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy 1991

music video for British band Massive Attack (back then named only Massive due to the gulf war).

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Michael Jackson – Dangerous 1993

David Lynch directed the theater teaser for Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" tour in 1993.

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Yoshiki – Longing 1995

Music video for Japanese singer Yoshiki.

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