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David Lynch


"I hate storyboards. They are never satisfactory, partly because they're always made before you pick your locations. They don't really mean anything except in special effects sequences. The script is the blueprint to me. You don't have to storyboard it or make photographs. That's all kind of a waste of time to me. I would rather get out there and see the people right in front of me, provided I have the time I need to work. That's the other thing about a low-budget picture. The pressure is off, but you have to work with a good producer who's figured out a way to cut back on things you don't need, so you have some time to make the picture. And when you have enough time so there's no pressure on you, you can work with this intuition I've been talking about. Otherwise you're just knocking down shots and they're patting you on the back at the end of the day. But when the film is released, they're not talking to you anymore."

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