The City of Absurdity Ronnie Rocket
The Absurd Mystery of the Strange Forces of Existence

Ronnie Rocket, drawing by David Lynch (thanks to Dominic)

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About the Project

There is a dark land where mysteries and confusions abound, where fear and terror fly together in troubled cities of absurdities.

since 1976 constantly delayed

David Lynch:

"I've been writing it for ten years, since I finished Eraserhead. It's an absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence. It's about electricity."

"about a three-foot tall guy with red hair and physical problems, and about 60-cycle alternating current electricity."

"Its not really a violent film, but in some ways its completely abstract, like Eraserhead, I need to work with people on it who are not looking for a tremendous commercial return."

"It's the absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence...and...that's..that's..."
"Little Mike, Micheal Anderson will be Ronnie Rocket. And Ronnie Rocket is three and a half feet tall."

"I want to have time to go into that world and live in it for a while, and that costs money. I don't really want to have a normal eleven-week shooting schedule on Ronnie Rocket. I'd rather go with a smaller crew, and build the sets and live in them for a while."

"an American smokestack industrial thing - it has to do with coal and oil and electricity"

"It's an absurd comedy, the story of a midget with red hair and physical problems. It's the absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence. Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper and Dean Stockwell will probably be in it. I don't think Kyle MacLachlan will be in Ronnie Rocket because he looks too normal for that film."

In a recent interview Lynch added:
"A project sometimes has a time and if you don't move during its time it may be gone, but there's another saying 'never say never', so I don't now what will happen to either one of those. I still love them [Ronnie Rocket and One Saliva Bubble] but I don't know that they'll get made."

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Planned Cast

Isabella Rosselini: Deborah
Michael J. Anderson: Ronnie Rocket

as well as (planned when in development 1987) Dean Stockwell, Brad Dourif, Jack Nance, Dennis Hopper and Harry Dean Stanton

Location Hoboken, New Jersey

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The Wmvrrvrrmm Ronnie Rocket Report
about an earlier draft of the script including the script

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