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"I close my eyes then I drift away into the magic night..."

  Dorothyshe wore blue velveta candy colored clown

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  About the Film

David Lynch (Writer/Director)

"Blue Velvet is a love story."

"I started with the idea of front yards at night and Bobby Vinton's song playing from a distance. Then I always had this fantasy of sneaking into a girl's room and hiding through the night. It was a strange angle to come at a murder mystery."


Jack Nance (Paul)

"...We were still editing Eraserhead, and I went over one afternoon...He (David Lynch) showed me this little drawing he'd done...He had this three-by-five drawing that he'd done of this rustic roadhouse or saloon, out in the countryside. It was just by the side of the road with this big neon sign on top of the place that said: "Blue Velvet." He showed it to me and said: "How do you like it, Jack?" I said: "It's beautiful." He said: "We're going to do that someday." I said: "Do what?" And he said: "We're going to do Blue Velvet someday. It's a movie." When we were shooting that scene years later in that Roadhouse -when Hopper is sitting there fondling the blue velvet and Isabella is singing the song- it was incredible. After that first take I went over to David and said: "I know how many years you've been waiting to hear that song."


Dennis Hopper (Frank Booth)

"... when I read the script actually I hadn't even seen a David Lynch film beforehand - but I read the script and it was . . . right - I have to have that part! So I knew David had started filming and, knowing this one phone call was crucial, I became Frank. I had to cut through the shit and let Lynch know he needed me. There was no other choice. And it worked."


Isabella Rosselini (Dorothy Vallens)

"A lot of people thought that Blue Velvet was sick, but for me, it was David's reasearch of the good and the bad."



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About the film
David Lynch and members of the cast talk about the film

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Family 'Noir' in Blue Velvet and Terminator 2
paper by Fred Pfeil, Center for the Humanities Oregon State University

Interviews & Articles

by David Lynch

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Film Data
Cast and Crew plus other data

Set Story
by Les Pendleton, Construction Coordinator

The Oblivious Transfer: Analyzing Blue Velvet
by Lesley Stern, in Psychoanalysis, Perversions, and the Cinema, 1991

By critic Roger Ebert and others

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