The City of Absurdity   TWIN PEAKS 1989-1991
"That gum you like is going to come back in style."

A policeman's dream.Laura Palmer.Sometimes my arms bend back.

"Just picture this kind of darkness and this wind going through these needles of the Douglas firs and you start getting a little bit of a mood coming along. And if you hear footsteps and you see a little in the window and you start moving toward it, little by little you're sucked in. And a mood, this fantastic mood and a sense of place comes along, and hopefully you like to go back and feel this each week."

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  About the TV Show

David Lynch (Writer/Director/ "FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole")

"We were at Du Par's, the coffee shop at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Ventura and all of a sudden, Mark Frost and I had this image of a body wrapped in plastic washing up on the shore of a lake."

"I love the world of Twin Peaks. It has its own rules, and its mood, and its way of being...."

"Twin Peaks is about entering a world, falling in love with it, working within it, and letting it talk to you. To me, if it doesn't have honesty, and you don't obey those rules, then it won't work, it won't feel good, and the audience won't stay with it. That's also true of painting, or any movie."

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Mark Frost (Co-Writer)

"We drew a map. We started with the image of a body washing up on lake. We knew the town had a lumber mill, at the specifics we weren't sure of."

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Kyle MacLachlan (Special Agent Dale Cooper)

"I see my character as Jeffrey Beaumont (whom he played in Blue Velvet) grown up. Instead of being acted upon, he has command on the world."

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  Further Information

About the show
David Lynch, cast & crew talk about the TV show.

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2nd Season Press Kit
including biographies for the cast (note: large file, 70 KB)

Episode Guide
short form

Log Lady Introductions
Written by David Lynch for BRAVO Televison

Twin Peaks Maps
Washington - Surroundings - Road Map

David Lynch on Late Show with David Letterman, 1991
Lynch asks people to write to the ABC President

Desire Under the Douglas Firs
by Martha P. Nochimson, Film Quarterly, Winter 1992/93

The Detective in 'Twin Peaks'
thesis by Andreas Blassmann

about, track listing & lyrics

His Haunting Mood Music... by Andrew Abrahams, People, September 10, 1990

Reviews & Articles

The Red Room
Meet the Little Man From Another Planet, Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer 25 years later.

Film Data
Cast & Crew plus other data.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me page
Information on the Twin Peaks movie.

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